NEOCA 35 の部屋 NEOCA 35 room  English text added

NEOCA 35 の部屋 NEOCA 35 room English text added


1950年代中頃から1960年初めに販売されていた国産35mmレンズシャッター搭載機、NEOCAを紹介します。写真左は市販一号機のNEOCA ⅠS、右は最終機のNEOCA 35 SV DE LUXE です。

NEOCA 35 には以下の機種があります。

(NEOCA 35 (folder), prototype only)、NEOCA IS NEOCA 2S、NEOCA 35A、NEOCA ⅢS, NEOCA 35 ⅣS, NEOCA 35K、Neoca S、 (NEOCA SV)、NEOCA 35 SV SUPER、NEOCA 35 SV DE LUXE、(Robin)

The Japanese 35mm lens shutter camera NEOCA had been sold from the mid-1950s till the beginning of the year 1960. The photo on the left is the first commercially available NEOCA IS and the photo on the right is the last NEOCA 35 SV DELUXE. NEOCA 35 has the following models. (NEOCA 35 (folder), prototype only), NEOCA IS, NEOCA 2S, NEOCA 35A, NEOCA IIIS, NEOCA 35 IVS, NEOCA 35K, NEOCA S, (NEOCA SV), NEOCA 35 SV SUPER, NEOCA 35 SV DE LUXE, (Robin). Cameras in( ) have not obtained yet.