Asahiflex Ⅰ B2889 L26341 量産試作機  Asahiflex Ⅰ, mass production prototype  body No,2889, lens No.26341


Asahiflex Ⅰ の試作品1号機、2610を松本三郎が服部時計店の社長に見せたところ、よくできていると言って500万円をポンとくれたそうである。その後量産試作機が200数十台生産されたという。このNo.2889はこのうちの1台と思える。
When Saburo Matsumoto showed the first prototype of the Asahiflex I, the No.2610, to the president of the Hattori Watch Store, he said it was well made and gave him 5 million yen. After that, mass production prototype, it is said that two hundred and dozens units were produced. This No.2889 seems to be one of these.
There is a related article in Camera Collector's News No. 117 (March 1987 issue).