Tony Sciuto / Island Nights


It may be hard to imagine for non-Japanese that Tony Sciuto was one of the most successful AOR artists selling an album in Japan at the opening year of 1980's and that on the FM radio, Japanese boys and girls could listen to his smash hit "Island Nights" many times every day. After selling quite a large number of "Island Nights" vinyl copies here in Japan, Tony did Japanese tour which was very successful too. Unfortunately, Tony's "Island Nights" did not sell well in USA. As the result, his second album "Be My Radio" which was ready to go, were never released then.
In July 1999, Tony Sciuto self-reissued the album "Island Nights" as the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CD with 4 bonus tracks; 2 live recordings and 2 unreleased tunes. However, the quality of the master was not good enough. We had to wait for another 12 years + to have the satisfactory remastered edition by Vivid Sound Japan that had 8 bonus tracks (2 studio recording tracks already on the above-mentioned 20th Anniversary edition plus 6 unreleased studio recording materials. Precisely, second self-reissued digital remastered edition was released in 2011, but Vivid Sound did not agree with the remaster, thus extra months were spent.
Speaking of the bonus tracks on 2012 edition, “ Where Would We Be Without Love?” and “ One More Time Until Tomorrow” were Richie Zito and Joey Carbone 1978 productions, featuring Tom Saviano on Sax, and “Going Through The Emotions” and “Temptation Alley” were recorded in 1979. “Ragtime” was recorded in 1976 featuring clarinet by his dad.
“ On The Cold Street” and “Black & Blue Heart” were written and recorded after the “Island Nights” album release in 1980.

Release: 1980
Label: Epic Records, USA (NJE-36152)

1. Island Nights Theme
2. Island Nights
3. Hold Back A License
4. You’ve Got A License (To Drive Me Crazy)
5. Cafe L.A.
6. Trapeze
7. Angel
8. Captain Wonderful
9. .Street Dancer
10. Butterfly

Producers: Steve Dorff, Tony Sciuto

Tony Sciuto: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

- Musicians -
Guitars: Ben Benay, Tom Rotella, Steve Lukather, Larry Herbstritt
Steel Guitar; Jaydee Maness
Keyboards: Bill Cuomo, Gary Griffin
Synthesizer: Steve Dorff
Bass: Michael Sciuto, Mike Porcaro, Scott Edwards
Drums: Ed Greene, Ron Tutt
Percussion: Steve Warehime, John Raines
Lyricon: Tom Scott
Sax: Tom Scott, Jim Horn
Flugelhorn: Chuck Findley
Background Vocals: Ginger Blake, Venetta Fields, Shirley Mathews, Joe Chemay, Curt Betcher, Peter Noone, Michael Sciuto, Larry Herbstritt

Bonus Track(s) added to to the reissued CD version(s):

1999 self-reissued edition (reissued in July 1999 no catalogue number) / Cool One-Stop - Cool Sound Inc., Japan (distributed from 10 September , 2000, COOS-2014)
11. Hold Back The Night (live in Japan)
12. Cafe L.A. (live in Japan)
13. On The Cold Street
14. Black & Blue Heart

2011 self-reissued edition (no catalogue number)
11. Where Would We Be Without Love?
12. One More Time Until Tomorrow
13. Going Through The Emotions
14. Temptation Alley
15. Captain Wonderful (1977 Demo)
16. Ragtime

2012 reissued edition (reissued on 22 February 2012, Vivid Sound VSCD-3533)
11. Where Would We Be Without Love?
12. One More Time Until Tomorrow
13. Going Through The Emotions
14. Temptation Alley
15. Captain Wonderful (1977 Demo)
16. Ragtime
17. On The Cold Street
18. Black & Blue Heart

- Priducers and Musicians for bonus tracks -

Producers: Richie Zito, Joey Carbone, Tony Sciuto

Tony Sciuto: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Guitars: Richie Zito, Mic Taylor
Keyboards: Joey Carbone, Scott Johnson, Richard Lake, Paul Soroka, Gary Griffin
Steel Guitar: Hymle
Banjo: Richard Roeder
Bass: Michael Sciuto
Drums: Steve Warehime, Larry Kegley
Percussion: Steve Warehime
Sax: Tom Saviano, Paul Soroka, Ray Sydnor, Al Rossl
Lyricon: Paul Soroka
Flugelhorn: Jimmy Wilson
Clarinet: Antonino Sciuto Sr., Gordon Miller Sr.
Trombone: Sammy Dyson