'Live In London' / Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band


Live In London CD(Limited Edition)
Release Date: 03/06/2022
(Modern Sky UK)

Live CD Exclusive to this store.
limited edition

Recorded at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) on 2nd Feb 2020
Cover Photo Credit: Jack Finnigan

Michael Head (guitar & lead vocals)
Danny Murphy (guitar and backing vocals)
Nathaniel Cummings (guitar and backing vocals)
Phil Murphy (drums)
Tom Powell (bass)
Martin Smith (trumpet)

Mixed by Martin Mittler
Photograph by Jack Finnigan

Stranger (5:00)
Natalie's Party (3:55)
Reach (4:49)
Picasso (3:35)
Hazy (4:09)
Al's Vacation (3:22)
Meant to Be (5:12)
Cup of Tea (3:50)
Hey Mama (4:44)
Streets of Kenny (4:19)
Neighbours (4:10)
Newby Street (3:10)
Comedy (6:02)
total: 〜56:17