The Zombies / New World (CD, 日本盤, 1991年)


3rd studio album was originally released by RCA in April, 1991.

This CD was issued by Jimco Records on May 25, 1991 in Japan.

Produced by The Zombies (1, 3-5, 7-12), Dave Richards (1, 3-5), Chris White (2, 6, 7-13)
Engineered by Paul Apted, Alex Burak, Danny Hyde, John Milton, Dave Richards, Justin Shirley Smith
Recorded and Mixed at The Point Studios, London, Prisme Studios, Lausanne, Mountain Studios, Montreux, Livingstone Studios, London
Remixed by Chris White (1, 3)

Photography by Sarah Cheesbrough

Band :
* Colin Blunstone (Lead Vocals)
* Chris White (Bass, Vocals)
* Hugh Grundy (Drums)
* Sebastian Santa Maria (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals)

Special Guests :
* Paul Atkinson (Guitar)
* Rod Argent (Keyboards on 6)

Additional Musicians :
* Tim Renwick (Guitar)
* John Woolloff (Guitar)
* Laurie Wisefield (Guitar)
* Duncan Browne (Guitar)
* Claude Nobs (Harmonica)

Track list :
1. New World (My America) (Andy Nye, C. White)
2. Love Breaks Down (P. McAloon)
3. I Can’t Be Wrong (Sebastian Santa Maria)
4. Lula Lula (C. White)
5. Heaven’s Gate (A. Nye, C. White)
6. Time Of The Season (R. Argent)
7. Moonday Morning Dance (S. S. Maria)
8. Blue (S. S. Maria)
9. Nights On Fire (C. Blunstone, S. S. Maria)
10. Losing You (C. Blunstone, Phil Dennys)
11. Alone In Paradise (A. Nye, C. Blunstone)
12. Knowing You (C. Blunstone)
13. Love Conquers All (C. Blunstone)