Custom Ford Maverick 2018 Factory Fresh 4/10


#ホットウィール #hotwheels
This custom 1972 Ford Maverick is based on a real car created in 2016 by Sung Kang, who previously built the Datsun Fugu-Z (another Hot Wheels model). Originally titled "Project Underdog" or "UDog", the restomod Maverick was designed and built at SEMA Garage with Pennzoil sponsorship and the help of three Los Angeles area high school students (symbolized by the "U3" logo seen on the sides and rear). Contrary to the Hot Wheels card text, the UDog has a 2.3L four-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine (from the 2015 Mustang) boosted with a GReddy turbocharger supplying nearly 400 horsepower to the 6-speed manual transmission (also borrowed from the Mustang). The car features a Rocket Bunny custom body kit, a Grabber-style carbon-fiber hood, and subtle cues from the Brazilian Mavericks built in the late '70s.

SKU No. FJY18 2018 Mainline 219/365