Conflict / Rebellion Sucks!


01. There's No Power Without Control (Alternative Version) [5:27]
02. Climbing The Stairs [4:43]
03. Tough Shit Mickey [2:41]
04. Now You've Put Your Foot In It (Single Version) [2:54]
05. The Day Before [2:10]
06. The Serenade Is Dead (Single Version) [3:03]
07. Let The Battle Commence [2:19]
08. I Heard A Rumour [3:15]
09. No More Excuses [2:57]
10. Mighty And Superior (Single Version) [3:48]
11. No Island Of Dreams [2:46]
12. Exploitation [2:06]
13. Great What [1:46]
14. Someday Soon [2:06]
15. This Is Not Enough (Single Version) [2:17]
16. Berkshire Cunt (Single) [2:30]
17. As Others See Us [1:48]
18. Custom Rock [1:46]
19. The Ungovernable Force [3:27]
20. From St Paul's To Seattle (Single Version) [2:31]
21. Just Defy [2:48]
-Live In London 2004-
01. Carlo Giuliani [4:56]
02. There's No Power Without Control [5:11]
03. I'm Starving [1:29]
04. Just Defy [3:00]
05. The Positive Junk [2:04]
06. The System Maintains [2:46]
07. The Serenade Is Dead [2:59]
08. Cruise [1:29]
09. Now You've Put Your Foot In It [2:56]
10. No More Excuses [2:44]
11. Mighty And Superior [3:31]
12. The Ungovernable Force [3:22]
13. An Option [1:57]
14. From St. Paul's To Seattle [3:14]

Colin Jerwood [Vocals, Bass on D1M11~13]
Sarah Taylor [Vocals] on D1M1/4/20/21//D2
Jaki Hanna [Vocals] on D1M2/9/14
Steve Flack [Vocals] on D1M5/10/15/18/19
Mandy Spokes [Vocals] on D1M5/10/15/18/19
Steve Flack [Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Kerry Bovell [Vocals] on D1M7/8
Marshall Penn [Guitar] on D1M1/2/4/9/14/20/21//D2
Ferenc Collins [Guitar] on D1M1/2/4/9/14/20/21//D2
Kevin Webb [Guitar on D1M5/10~13/15/18/19, Bass on D1M11~13]
Chris Parish [Guitar] on D1M7/8
Steve Gittins [Guitar] on D1M3/6/16/17
Paul Hoddy [Bass] on D1M1/2/4/5/7/8~10/14/15/18~21//D2
John Clifford [Bass on D1M3/6/16/17, Backing Vocals on D1M1/4/20/21//D2]
Francisco Carreno [Drums, Percussion]
Mark Pickstone [Keyboards on D1M1/2/4/9/14/20/21, Guitar on D1M1/4/20/21, Additional Music on D1M7/8]
James Van Leer [Brass] on D1M7/8
Stephen Nash [Sound] on D1M7/8
Stephen Maycock [Assistance] on D1M7/8
Robert Godfrey [Additional Music] on D1M7/8
Maria Carreno [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Stephen Maycock [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Kerry Bovell [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Iain O'Higgins [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Keith Hancock [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
-The Liberty And Exitstance Choir-
Graham Clench [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Derek Banks [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Mick Harrington [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Mark Willis [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Steve Flack [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Mark Jeavons [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Andy Williams [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Dave Paul [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19
Sean Finnis [Additional Vocals] on D1M5/18/19

Produced by Conflict [D1M2/3/5/6/9/14/17~19], Colin Jerwood [D1M1/4/5/18~21], Derek Birkett [D1M11~13], Ferenc Collins [D1M1/4/20/21], Mark Pickstone [D1M1/4/20/21]
Engineered by Andy Hope [D1M2/9/14], Iain O'Higgins [D1M5/18/19]
Recorded by Conflict [D1M6]
Mixed by Colin Jerwood [D1M7/8]
Edited by Sally [D2]

Recorded Live at Camden Underworld, London, England, UK, Feburuary 14, 2004 [D2]

D1M16: taken from "To A Nation Of Animal Lovers" 7"EP [1983]
D1M6: taken from "The Serenade Is Dead" 7"EP [1984]
D1M3/17: taken from "Increase The Pressure" LP [1984]
D1M15: taken from "This Is Not Enough Stand Up And Fucking Fight" 7"EP [1985]
D1M10: taken from "The Battle Continues" 7"EP [1985]
D1M5/18/19: taken from "The Ungovernable Force" LP [1986]
D1M7/8: taken from "The Final Conflict" LP [1988]
D1M2: taken from "These Colours Don't Run" 7"EP [1993]
D1M9/14: taken from "Conclusion" LP [1993]
D1M11~13: taken from "It's Time To See Who's Who Now" LP [1994]
D1M4/20: taken from "Now You've Put Your Foot In It" 7EP [2001]
D1M1/21: taken from "There's No Power Without Control" LP [2003]

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