Coolio / Gansta's Paradise


01. That's How It Is [1:00]
02. Geto Highlites [4:59]
03. Gangsta's Paradise / Coolio Featuring L.V. [4:01]
04. Too Hot [3:39]
05. Cruisin' [4:35]
06. Exercise Yo' Game / Coolio Featuring E-40, Kam And 40 Thevz [4:49]
07. Sumpin' New [3:33]
08. Smilin' [4:10]
09. Fucc Coolio [0:48]
10. Kinda High Kinda Drunk [3:44]
11. For My Sistas [4:27]
12. Is This Me? [4:24]
13. A Thing Goin' On [4:45]
14. Bright As The Sun [4:46]
15. Recoup This [1:20]
16. The Revolution [3:48]
17. Get Up Get Down [5:31]

Coolio [Rap]
Talkbox [Additional Vocals] on M1
Chris Hamabe [Keyboard, Programming] on M2/5
Devon Davis [Keyboard, Programming] on M2/5
Chris Fletcher [Guitar] on M2
"Roy Dog" Pennon [Keyboard on M2, Bass on M2/4/16/17, Keyboards on M4/16/17]
J.T. Taylor [Background Vocals] on M4
Stan "The Guitar Man" Jones [Guitar on M4/13/16/17, Bass on M13/16/17]
Malika [Additional Vocals] on M5/17
Shaunna D. [Background Vocals] on M5
Baby G [Background Vocals] on M8
Romeo [All Instruments] on M8/10
Jammin' James [All Instruments] on M8/10
Lashanna Dendy [Background Vocals] on M11
Darryl Crookes [Guitar] on M11
Andrew Gouche [Bass] on M11
L.V. [Background Vocals] on M12
Rated R [Additional Vocals] on M12
Frank "Spade" Cannon [Keyboards] on M12
Charles "Charlie Macc" Anderson [Bass] on M12
Eric "Funkyworm" Park [Guitar] on M12
Jeremy Monroe [Lead Vocals] on M13
Will Wheaton [Background Vocals] on M14
Brian James [Guitar] on M14
PS [Additional Vocals] on M15/17
Capucine Jackson [Additional Vocals] on M15
Leek Ratt [Additional Vocals] on M17
Rass Kass [Additional Vocals] on M17
WC [Additional Vocals] on M17
Shorty [Additional Vocals] on M17
-40 Thevz-
Henry Straughter [Background Vocals] on M2
Malieek Straughter [Background Vocals] on M2

Produced by Coolio [M1/9], Christopher Hamabe [M2/5], Devon Davis [M2/5], Brian Dobbs "The Wino" [M4/16/17], Maurice "DJ Moe" Thompson [M6], James Carter "Jammin' James" [M7/8/10], Poison Ivey [M7], Dominic Aldridge "Romeo" [M8/10], Oji Pierce [M11/13/14], Deyon Davis [M12], Spoon [M15]
Co-Produced by Reece Carter [M8], Danny Taylor [M10]
Engineered by Bob Morse [M1/2/4/7~17], Mark Nathan [M4/16/17], Patrick MacDougall [M5]
Mixed by Wino [M2], Mark Nathan [M2/5/13/16/17], Bob Morse [M4/11/14], Rob Chiarelli [M7/8/10/12], Oji Pierce [M11/14]

-Coolio Featuring L.V.-
Coolio [Rap] on M3
L.V. [Background Vocals] on M3
Trinna Simmons [Background Vocals] on M3

Produced by Doug Rasheed [M3]
Engineered by Bob Morse [M3]
Mixed by Kevin Davis [M3]

-Coolio Featuring E-40, Kam And 40 Thevz-
Coolio [Rap] on M6
E-40 [Rap] on M6
Kam [Rap] on M6
-40 Thevz-
Henry Straughter [Rap] on M6
Malieek Straughter [Rap] on M6

Produced by Jay "Jay Supreme" Williams [M6]
Engineered by Bob Morse [M6]
Mixed by Rob Chiarelli [M6]

M3: taken from "Gangsta's Paradise" EP [1995]
M4: taken from "Too Hot" EP [1995]