Chicago V (Limited Edition Gold Vinyl, 輸入盤, 2023年)


Originally released by Columbia Records on July 10, 1972.
<No. 1>
Limited Edition Gold Anniversary Vinyl was issued by Friday Music on February 17, 2023.

Produced by James William Guercio
Recorded at Columbia 52nd Street Studios (Studio B), New York, September 20–29, 1971
Engineered by Wayne Tarnowski

Mastered by Joe Reagoso with Lee Loughnane from Original Chicago Records Tapes.

Logo Design by Nick Fasciano
Album Design by John Berg
Photography by Jim Houghton and Earl Steinbicker
Lettering by Beverly Scott

Band :
* Terry Kath (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals on <Side A> 3-5, <Side B> 5, Background Vocals)
* Robert Lamm (Acoustic Piano, Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Hohner Pianet, Lead Vocals on <Side A> 1, 2, <Side B> 1, 2, Background Vocals)
* Peter Cetera (Bass, Wah-Wah Bass, Lead Vocals on <Side A> 4, 5, <Side B> 2-4, Background Vocals)
* Lee Loughnane (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion, Background Vocals)
* James Pankow (Trombone, Percussion, Background Vocals, Brass Arrangements)
* Walter Parazaider (Saxophones, Flute, Percussion, Background Vocals)
* Danny Seraphine (Drums, congas, Antique Bells, Percussion)

Track list :
<Side A>
1. A Hit by Varèse (R. Lamm)
2. All Is Well (R. Lamm)
3. Now That You've Gone (J. Pankow)
4. Dialogue (Part I) (R. Lamm)
5. Dialogue (Part II) (R. Lamm)
<Side B>
1. While the City Sleeps (R. Lamm)
2. Saturday in the Park (R. Lamm)
3. State of the Union (R. Lamm)
4. Goodbye (R. Lamm)
5. Alma Mater (T. Kath)