Del Amitri / Every Night Has A Dawn (Blu-ray+Signed Postcard, 輸入盤, 2022年)


Brand new Blu-ray was released on December 14, 2022.

Available :

Director and Producer : Stuart Alexander
Video Editor : Stuart Alexander
Editing Assistant : Paul Ewing
Audio Mixer : Iain Harvie
Assistant Audio Technician : Chris Gorman
Video Shot by Stuart Alexander, Alex Kenny, James Mackenzie, James Lygate, Ross Boag, Jamie Coltart, Steve Bull, Sam Christensen, Will Downe & Paul Ewing

Cover Photographs by Stuart Alexander & Iain Harvie
Artwork Design by Jamie Coltart

Track list :
Glasgow Barrowland live filmed on June 11, 2022
<Running Time : 1 hour 26 minutes 7 seconds>

* Justin Currie (Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar)
* Iain Harvie (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Background Vocals)
* Andy Alston (Keyboards, Organ, Accordion)
* Kris Dollimore (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Background Vocals)
* Jim McDermott (Drums)

1. When You Were Young
2. Musicians And Beer
3. All Hail Blind Love
4. Always The Last To Know
5. Not Where It's At
6. Kiss This Thing Goodbye
7. Surface Of The Moon
8. Mockingbird, Copy Me Now
9. Driving With The Brakes On
10. Move Away Jimmy Blue
11. You Can't Go Back
12. This Side Of The Morning
13. Here And Now
14. Tell Her This
15. Lonely
16. Spit In The Rain
17. Stone Cold Sober
18. Empty
19. Nothing Ever Happens
20. Be My Downfall

<Acoustic Session>
Filmed at Justin Currie’s home studio in Glasgow summer of 2022
<Running Time : 36 minutes 23 seconds>

* Justin Currie (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
* Iain Harvie (Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals)
* Andy Alston (Accordion)

1. Every Night Has A Dawn
2. It's Never Too Late To Be Alone
3. All Hail Blind Love
4. Always The Last To Know
5. Drowned On Dry Land
6. I Won't Take The Blame
7. Edinburgh My Brother
8. Stone Cold Sober
9. When You Were Young
10. Friendship
11. You Can't Go Back