Richard Marx / Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More (2枚組CD, 輸入盤, 2021年)


This compilation CD was released by BMG on July 2, 2021.

Produced by Richard Marx and David Cole (<Disc 1> 1), Humberto Gatica (<Disc 1> 2, 3), Richard Marx and David Cole (<Disc 1> 4), Richard Marx (<Disc 1> 5-14), Lucas Marx (<Disc 1> 15)

Mastered by Mat Prock at Area 44 Studios, Chicago

Package Design by Dale Voelker at
Cover Photo by Alan Silfen
Photography by Mike Helfrich

Track list :
<Disc 1>
1. Don't Mean Nothing (R. Marx, Bruce Gaitsch)
2. Should've Known Better (R. Marx)
3. Endless Summer Nights (R. Marx)
4. Hold On To The Nights (R. Marx)
5. Satisfied (R. Marx)
6. Right Here Waiting (R. Marx)
7. Angelia (R. Marx)
8. Keep Coming Back (R. Marx)
9. Hazard (R. Marx)
10. Way She Loves Me (R. Marx)
11. Through My Veins (R. Marx)
12. Whatever We Started (R. Marx)
13. Eyes On Me (R. Marx)
14. When You Loved Me (R. Marx, Matt Scannell)
15. Another One Down (R. Marx, Lucas Marx)
<Disc 2>
1. Should've Known Better (Demo) (R. Marx) Recorded in 1984
2. Endless Summer Nights (Demo) (R. Marx) Recorded in 1984
3. Edge Of A Broken Heart (Live) (R. Marx, Fee Waybill) Recorded in 1989
4. Arrow Through My Heart (Demo) (R. Marx, F. Waybill, B. Gaitsch) Recorded in 1988
5. Right Here Waiting (Demo) (R. Marx) Recorded in 1988
6. Hazard (Demo) (R. Marx) Recorded in 1991
7. Better Life (Live) (R. Marx, Keith Urban) Recorded in 2012
8. Crazy (New 2021 Recording) (R. Marx, Kenny Rogers)
9. This I Promise You (R. Marx) Recorded in 2002
10. To Where You Are (Live) (R. Marx, Linda Thompson) Recorded in 2010
11. Dance With My Father (Luther Vandross, R. Marx) Recorded in 2018
12. Take Me Down (R. Marx, Vince Gill, Julian Jacqueline) Recorded in 2019