Robbie Dupree with David Sancious (Limited CD, 輸入盤, 2003年)


This is a very intimate recording featuring piano/voice duo performance. Artist Exclusive release, only available in limited edition.

Release : 2003

Produced by Robbie Dupree
Arranged by David Sancious
Recorded by David Sancious and Rick Chudacoff
Mixed by Rick Chudacoff

Cover Design and layout by Jack and Laurent Durieux

* Robbie Dupree (Vocals, Harmonica)
* David Sancious (Piano)

Track list :
1. Carried Away (Fellows, Bacon, Peake, Glaisher)
2. Month of Sundays (Dupree, Jones, Adami)
3. Walls Come Down (Dupree, Jones)
4. This is Life (Dupree, LaBounty, Shew)
5. Return to Her (Dupree, Adami)
6. Wings (Dupree, Jones)
7. Desperation (LaBounty, Van Hoy)
8. In Real Life (LaBounty, Goodman)
9. Sunny Day (Dupree, Sancious)