Cheap Trick / Greatest Hits: Japanese Single Collection (ボートラ付CD+DVD, 日本盤, 2018年)


This CD+DVD compilation was released by Sony Music Japan on April 4, 2018.

All songs 2017 DSD Mastering (Track 1-7, 9-11 are from analog master)

Cheap Trick :
* Rick Nielsen (Vocals, Guitar)
* Robin Zander (Guitar, Vocals)
* Tom Petersson (Bass on 1-10, 15-21, Vocals)
* Jon Brant (Bass on 11-14)
* Bun E. Carlos (Drums)

Track list :

01. I Want You To Want Me (R. Nielsen)
02. Clock Strikes Ten (R. Nielsen)
03. Surrender (R. Nielsen)
04. California Man (Roy Wood)
05. Voices (R. Nielsen)
06. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace (Terry Reid)
07. Dream Police (R. Nielsen)
08. Everything Works If You Let It (Single Version) (R. Nielsen)
09. Stop This Game (R. Nielsen*, R. Zander)
10. (Love Comes) A Tumblin' Down (R. Nielsen)
11. If You Want My Love (R. Nielsen)
12. Dancing The Night Away (Short Version) (A. McMaster*, N. Garvey)
13. Tonight It's You (Single Version) (J. Brant, M. Radice, R. Nielsen, R. Zander)
14. Mighty Wings (From "Top Gun" Original Soundtrack) (H. Faltermeyer, M. Spiro)
15. The Flame (Single Version) (B. Mitchell, N. Graham)
16. Don't Be Cruel (Big New Mix) (E. Presley, O. Blackwell)
17. Stop That Thief (From 'Another Way' Original Soundtrack) (K. Nielsen, R. Nielsen)
18. Ghost Town (D. Warren, R. Nielsen)
19. Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love (Radio Mix) (R. Nielsen, R. Zander, T. Petersson)
20. Wherever Would I Be (D. Warren)
- Bonus track -
21. Ain't That A Shame (Live at BUDOKAN, Single Version) (D. Bartholomew, F. Domino)

<DVD> Track 3-11, 13-18 on DVD for the first time in Japan, Track 5, 8, 9, 11, 15, 18 <Bonus Features>

01. I Want You To Want Me <Live at BUDOKAN 1978>
02. Surrender <Live at BUDOKAN 1978>
03. Ain't That A Shame <Live:1980 American Music Awards>
04. Dream Police
05. Way Of The World
06. Voices
07. If You Want My Love
08. She's Tight
09. I Can't Take It
10. Tonight It's You
11. It's Only Love
12. The Flame
13. Don't Be Cruel
14. Ghost Town
15. Never Had A Lot To Lose
16. Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love
17. Wherever Would I Be
18. If You Need Me