Chicago / Chicago at Carnegie Hall, April 9, 1971 (限定3枚組Vinyl, 輸入盤, 2022年)


Release date : April 23, 2022 (Record Store Day)

Label : Rhino Records (Limited Edition of 6,000)

Originally Produced by James William Guercio
Engineered by Don Puluse, Bud Graham, Hank Altman, Aaron Baron & Larry Dahlstrom
Recorded at Carnegie Hall, New York, NY (by Location Recorders) on April 9, 1971 (Late Show)
Mixed at Columbia Recording Studios, New York, NY

Chicago Logo : Nick Fasciano
Carnegie Hall Drawing : Fuding Cheng

This Reissue :
Restoration Producer : Lee Loughnane
Restoration & Mix Engineer : Tim Jessup
Restored & Mixed at Studio One Sixty Four, Sedona, AZ
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME
Vinyl Disc Cutting by Eric Boulanger at The Bakery, Los Angeles, CA

Mixed in the analog domain on a vintage Solid State Logic 4064 G+ console, built in Oxford, England

Art Direction and Design by Rachel Gutek & Lisa Glines
Poster Photo by Frank Laffitte

Chicago :
* Robert Lamm (Vocals, Keyboards)
* Terry Kath (Vocals, Guitar)
* Peter Cetera (Vocals, Bass)
* Danny Seraphine (Drums)
* Lee Loughnane (Trumpet, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar on "Where Do We Go From Here")
* James Pankow (Trombone, Percussion)
* Walter Parazaider (Woodwinds, Percussion, Vocals)

Track list :

<LP I Side I>
1. Tuning And Introduction
2. Introduction
3. Fancy Colours
4. Introduction To Questions 67 & 68
5. Questions 67 & 68

<LP I Side II>
1. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Free Form Intro, 'Nasal Finger Tones')
2. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
3. It Better End Soon: 1st Movement
4. It Better End Soon: 2nd Movement (Flute Solo)
5. It Better End Soon: 3rd Movement (Guitar Solo)
6. It Better End Soon: 4th Movement (Preach)
7. It Better End Soon: 5th Movement

<LP II Side III>
1. Loneliness Is Just A Word
2. Sing A Mean Tune Kid

<LP II Side IV>
1. Beginnings
2. Where Do We Go From Here

<LP III Side V>
1. Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon: Make Me Smile
2. So Much To Say, So Much To Give
3. Anxiety’s Moment
4. West Virginia Fantasies
5. Colour My World
6. To Be Free
7. Now More Than Ever

<LP III Side VI>
1. I’m A Man